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        Welcome to the official website of water repair!
        Ordering hotline


             Jiangxi province tea industry limited company is located in the national key forestry county, the scenic river repair; in the forest coverage rate up to 72.8%, there are still about 100000 acres of the original forest. Chinese scientists are here to find the magic plant green willow.

            Tea company was founded in 1993, Xiushui county government to develop the local people drinking tea as c.paliurus, set up special tea group company, 2005 tea industry limited company restructuring into xiushui.

            The company is a company specializing in the global health industry cyclocaryapaliurus health tea research and development, production and sales, is the Jiangxi province agriculture industrialization leading enterprises, Jiangxi provincial private technology enterprises in Jiangxi Province, has been awarded the "famous trademark", the title of brand-name products in Jiangxi; served as Chinese Health Care Nutrition Council executive director of the unit, the the Sugar Association of diabetes health management unit. More than 20 years ago, the company successfully developed to paliurus hypoglycemic tea as the main raw material (now renamed the Qingqian brand Dikelai tea), Buck Shencha (now renamed the Qingqian brand Pulaixue tea) and slimming tea (now renamed the pretty princess card in our tea) three health food, in 1997 in 1998, was awarded the certificate of approval issued by the Ministry of health food hygiene. And has developed more than 10 models of Cyclocarya tea series products. Have GMP, SC and export food hygiene registration certificate. Xiushui cyclocaryapaliurus Shencha series products of national origin mark protection. The products have been exported to Japan, Germany, Holland, Russia and other countries, Japan and Germany were also published "Qian Liu youth with diabetes from" and "cyclocaryapaliurus" devoted to tea company and Cyclocarya paliurus tea books.

             The company has been committed to the development and innovation of cyclocaryapaliurus health products, has won two national patents; the project, "research and development" of cyclocaryapaliurus won the two prize of Jiangxi province science and technology progress in 1999; "cyclocaryapaliurus Shencha development" by the national Ministry of science and technology "2002 annual agricultural science and Technology Achievements Transformation Fund project". Recently, the company is working with the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, looking for the effective parts and mechanism of Liu Heqing, Qian Liu and Jiangtang tea from cellular and molecular level. The results of the study showed that Liu Fufang (Cyclocarya paliurus hypoglycemic tea principal component) and unilateral cyclocaryapaliurus can promote beta cell proliferation, and cyclocaryapaliurus compound than cyclocaryapaliurus unilateral effect is more obvious; it is also found that beta cell apoptosis Qingqian Liu Fufang on lipotoxicity induced death has protective effect. The decrease of the proliferation of islet beta cells and the increase of apoptosis are the important causes of diabetes.

            Xinhua news agency, people's daily, health news, health weekly, corporate observer, securities Herald, Chinese news of traditional Chinese medicine, xinhuanet.com, people.com.cn, China daily, Dajiang more than 80 authoritative media has a number of interviews and reports of the company, received a warm attention and praise of the vast number of consumers, the industry widely recognized. The Political Bureau Standing Committee of the original Wu Guanzheng inscription "spring full circle caged, an unfaithful to husband", former State Minister of health Qian Xinzhong inscription "R & D Xiushui cyclocaryapaliurus, benefit the human health".

             The company spirit of "the health tea back to life" of the historical mission, is committed to creating the world's first brand of health drinks. Xiushui cyclocaryapaliurus, world tea!


        Style of chairman

            Wen Yan, female, graduated from Henan University, Honorary Professor of ShenYang Ligong University, Jiangxi Jiujiang love inspirational mentor, the thirteenth session of the CPPCC National Committee, the Guangxi Guilin, the fourth CPPCC National Committee members, Chinese National Trade Promotion Association Deputy Secretary General, Chinese Health Nutrition Council executive director, Beijing Diabetes Prevention Association, Jiangxi Province Tea Industry Association executive director, Chinese Management Science Research Institute researcher, currently Jiangxi Xiushui fairy tea industry limited company chairman and general manager.

            1992 went to Japan to study abroad, in 1996 graduated from the College of business field in Japan, after returning to China in 1997 and founded the Beijing Oriental cultural science and technology development limited company to start their own business in 2005, the acquisition of state-owned enterprises -- the original tea Xiushui group company.

        Artistic accomplishment and enterprise management are long. Wen Yan artistic works in painting and calligraphy creation, she painted the "harmonious fish map" vivid, writing "imitation of nature" painting and calligraphy works loved by the people, and there are many works on a charity auction activity in shoot.

            In recent years, Wen Yan has won the 2005 annual outstanding achievement China economic female characters, the 2005 "Jiujiang Outstanding Director (Manager) title of honor"; 2008 "Omar brand award of the year" the most influential brand of 2009 characters, "world outstanding Chinese women entrepreneurs"; 2009 China tea special contribution award; the 2010 World Chinese joint conference the 2009 Annual World Chinese top ten outstanding women "; in 2000 the development of the Chinese patent technology achievement award; the 2010 World Chinese Entrepreneurs Association" world star entrepreneurs medal; 2010 World Chinese Entrepreneurs Association 2010 annual ten outstanding entrepreneurs "; 2010 of the outstanding female characters (stamp); 2010 Chinese Planning Association" China special tea culture and creative industry contribution award "; 2010 China small and medium-sized commercial enterprises association and other organizations" 2010 person of the year China entrepreneurial role models The nomination Award "; 2010 China Private Entrepreneurs Association" "38 anniversary of International Women's Day" 100th anniversary 100 outstanding private entrepreneurs "; 2010 Chinese international charitable fund association, Chinese Red Dragon Fund Foundation" charity ambassador "title; 2010 Chinese Confucian General Chamber of Commerce, Chinese merchant association and other" Ten Chinese youth scholar "title 2010; China Confucian General Chamber of Commerce, Chinese merchant association" Tea Committee (2010-2013); 2010 "third new media festival organizing committee" Chinese enterprise cultural innovation leader "; 2011 love China network large-scale public welfare activities organizing committee" special contribution award "; 2011 charity awards ceremony" 20 thousand and 110 outstanding entrepreneurs love "; 2012 Chinese honest entrepreneurs.

        To view more>>



        • [ Management policy ] People-oriented integrity innovation pursuit of excellence.
        • [ Product positioning ] Expert quality can be trusted with global sharing of ecological quality.
        • [ Business philosophy ] Green health is safe and efficient.
        • [ Enterprise vision ] We are committed to creating the first brand of healthy drinking products for the world's top three people.
        • [ Corporate mission ] Return health to life.



        • Two 00 five years to President Wen Yan Shencha injected new vitality

        • Two 00 and four years in November, the restructuring work was carried out smoothly

        • 1998 Meishan "slimming tea" by the Ministry of health care food

        • Two 00 and two years in December, enterprise restructuring work put on the company agenda

        • Health tea for reducing sugar, lowering blood pressure and reducing fat in 1996

        • 97 years, hypoglycemic tea antihypertensive tea approved as health food products

        • In 1994, the company invested in the purchase of green willow tree seedlings

        • On 1991, the declaration of "Meishan" brand trademark registration as tea

        • In 1992, Qingjian tea refining plant of Jiangxi province was set up

        • 199 to 0 years, the new products of green tea in the field of health three cultivation trial

        • The discovery of green Salix in the late 1980s





        • 2017 netizens love Jiangxi's ten famous tea


          In recent years, said the health care tea wall flower wall incense, tea is also so cyclocaryapaliurus at home and abroad qiaoxiao. Due to effective antihypertensive, hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering, prevention of thrombosis, regulating blood fat, prevent fat absorption in the intestines, cyclocaryapaliurus tea exported to Holland, Germany, Russia, Japan, the United States and other more than 10 countries, 50-100 per year million boxes of tea production value of about 400 million yuan. ...

        • 2010 tea products by the eternal Expo - Global Forum of Global Health Expo designated Gift Award


          The day before, "held in Beijing" 12th Five-Year "agricultural development planning senior seminar and agriculture science and technology service Golden Bridge awards" and "agriculture science and Technology Service Bridge Award, 2011 China (Shanghai) International Tea Expo" Chinese tea contest "health tea class gold medal, the two awards and the flowers Jiangxi Xiushui Tea Industrial Co. ltd.. ...

        • 2011 tea products by the China gift Specialized Committee "China gift" honorary title


          2011 tea products by the China gift Specialized Committee "China gift" honorary title ...

        • 2010 tea products won the second International Cultural Industry Development Forum China Tea Culture Award


          By December 21, 2010, Chinese International Cultural Industry Association, Chinese Network Taiwan, Chinese calligraphy city jointly organized the second International Forum on the development of cultural industry and Chinese network television station was founded in 4th anniversary celebration was held at the CCTV media center. ...

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